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Raymond van der Velden.

Allround creative technologist & programmer.

I think its important to be very versatile in the way you work, think, or view things. This world aswell as its technological advances change by the day. Hardware, software or even entire brands or companies get obselete. The advancing of technology seems inevitable. 

My way of dealing with this fast paced modern age, is not to be a perfect programmer. Not to be the best sysadmin or photo editor. But rather to know enough about all relevant interests to apply them properly. Why do I make this choice? Because one day a programming language or operating system or any other product for that matter. May change or cease to exist entirely. So rather then getting really good at something. I focus on getting really good at learning anything. 

Give a man an answer, and he won't bother you for a day. Teach a man to Google, and he won't bother you ever again. 

Experiences I’ve got.

I have worked at few technology companies already including:

  • Caiway as technical support. A dutch internet and television provider.
  • Game Point as junior linux system supervisor.
  • Dutch ministry of finance and public health as IT support worker.
  • Student aan Huis as student. An job where you get to go to people's houses and do anything IT or electronica related including configuration, repairing, or teaching lessons.
  • Hogeschool rotterdam as teacher support.
  • Oestercompagnie as Web developer. Sysadmin. Marketing. Everything else IT related allrounder.
  • And a few jobs in both flower and catering industries as cook. 

 For more information about my current skillset. see projects