We had to learn Mobile devloping last semester and build ourself an actuall app. You had an free choice to do any mobile system. But it had to be Java. Xcode or Xaramin. And had to have the following requirements.

- User intertaction.

- Multiple screens or states.

- Images and or video and or sound.

- Saving settings or prefrences.

- Information or data from internet. API.

- GPS location useage.

I started off using Xaramin because the idea of creating for 2 platforms at once appealed to me. However I quickly figured out this might not be the best choice because its not jet as matured as Android studio or Xcode. You do need to have some OSX running somewhere to complire for iPhone anyways. (Im running on MSI GS70 windows, I do got OSX on virtual machine. If you want to know why I preffer this feel free to contact me)

I do have C# experience but did not have Java experience. This also made me want to learn Java instead.  So I ended up using Android studio and windows android emulator with hyper-v.

Now comes the part where you need to think of an actuall application that has all these requirments and is still usefull.  

I ended up with an concept callled "PokéFusionGo" This app is inspired by the PokemonGo hype. In this version the app uses your GPS location to gain longitude and latitude combinations. Using the last five numbers of this coordinates and dividing them by two untill they reach an number under 151 The amount of pokemon in the first generation. Now you got two numbers you want to mix to gain an Pokemon from the first generation. 

This combination will fetch an sprite from a PokéFusion database / API. And display the picture on your phone. You will be able to save this picture to your SD card aswell.  It contains an option menu for turning on high accuracy. 

What I loved most about programming for Android is the feeling I had 10 year ago somewhere in 2008. I started programming visual basic as my first langauge and it really felt like you could actually make things that have functions. This feeling I did not get programming PHP and basiclly just sending data from A to B in webpages. 

I really hope to someday be an programmer of programs like Spotify on desktop or mobile. I think there is always something to improve or add.

Try out ? : Download APK