PHP Stockroom

PHP Stockroom

 An PHP based project for an local customer to sell his motorcycle shop parts or left overs on his own website. 

This project was to get some hands on with bare PHP without any framework. First we needed an assigment. An customer to create this application for.

Earlier I went searching in my local area for someone that might need an website or improved system. I ended up walking inside an motorcycle garage that had an simple HTML website.  I offered to build him an website and he agreed. I had setup my basic version and received money for this.

Now once this project came I contacted the shop again and offered an free system of some sorts. We got in an meeting and he explained he might need an system for selling his leftover parts. This would involve an admin password protected page and an public display page for parts. I started working on this and got back about every few days to itarate and communicate the progress. Working with a lot of contact to your customer gives you the overview and time you need if something goes wrong. For example if something critical needs to change its better to know this in day four instead of three weeks later. 

In the end the system was up and running and he sold parts with it. Happy customer and good learning experience.