Twiggy is one of the latest projects I've been working on. Twiggy is all about giving back to nature using todays technologies.  While I am not always as much involved in nature as I maybe should be. I still think its importand to do once a while. One day walking in the supermarket I bought an chocolade bar for myself and found out it contained an code that you could use to plant an actual plant somewhere in an african farm. You had to login the website and activate your code. This brings you to a page where you are able to choose your plants farm and location. All designed in 2d graphics this kinda looked like a game but was not. An missed change in my opinion.

Less then 2 weeks later our school project was "give back to nature using technology" So this instandly came to my mind. I told my teammates and they agreed this was the direction to go. 

Our concept. The strong point in this idea. Is to take away the guilty feeling of addictive social media games. By giving them an purpose. So you can tell yourself its not for nothing. "Lets put in 10 more euro's its for an good purpose anyways" type of mindset. 

We started contacting charities that give to nature. Often we ended up on the "big pile" of crazy people calling with idea's. They end up saying we will think about it. But in reality they wont. 

Until we came in contact with "natuur monumenten" An dutch charity that preserves ereas of nature and organises events about nature. They also got an tree plant day once a year. This is where we come in.

We thought of an idea to have an precentage of the income donated to the charity each time you make an transaction. If this amount gets high enough. The user will recive an invitation to the tree plant day. Where you get to plant your own tree physically to give back to nature. Also we would get an strand at this event to show off our product and get some publicity.

Now we started devloping with SCRUM. We itarate and iterate. Looked up on competitors how they did it. And thought of gameplay elements. We made some prototypes in phaser. using Typescript as langauge. We had an backend running on nodejs and mongoosedb. But went over to sockets and mongoose. 

The 2 major challanges that still remain are the "WTF" Where is The Fun. Aspect and the question to change the code language or tech to something and redo everything.

The first one is because even if we pull of this game. It has to be addictive fun. And for that you need an really good mini-game that people want to keep playing each day. 

The second challange is finding the right tech. Do we really need an web version? Can it be mobile only? How are we going to make it cheat-safe.
How are the payments going to work. Aswell as the donations.

Currently we finished this project with an good grade. And moved on to the next one. However our team is still intact and waiting to pick up and finish this challange once and for all.